About Us

About Us
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Optimized: Smart Asset Management Solutions

Optamized is a unique Asset Management consultancy which provides traditional Asset Management consulting but with a strong focus on the use of “Data Science and High Value Centre solutions to provide lower cost, smart solutions to our clients.

Why should you hire Optamized services?

By partnering with Optamized Solutions, clients can expect to see reduced costs, improved performance, and increased overall efficiency in their Asset Management operations.
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Data Science Solutions: Optamized and High Value Center

Optamized together with our High Value Center partner provides many Data Science driven solutions including:

Maintenance Builds
Maintenance system and data reviews and improvements
Reliability Analysis and improvement initiatives
Bill of Materials and Spare Parts Optimisation
Down Time analysis and Root Cause investigation
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Some of our previous work

A Machine Learning model developed to support master data cleansing
Fuel burn analysis based on historical data stored in SQL Server database.
A Machine Learning model to rate data quality of Work Order completed
Event Correlation Analysis of mobile equipment .
Scripting to automate maintenance budget fore casting process